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dentist website demo - no obligation and informative

We have found the best way to see what our websites can do and how they may help a dental practice business is to have an online demo so we are increasingly doing this and the reaction has been great.  We can do demos in the evenings or weekends if helpful.

The beauty of providing an online demo is not just to show how advanced the sites are and what cn they do but just as importanly to manage expectations and explain what is required to have a successful website.  Unfortunately, many companies don't explain the reality - they just want to sell you a website then leave you too it and give the impression that will be it then and it will provide you business 'by being online'.  This is often what website owners believe too and dentists can be no different - I'll get a website and start selling / providing services online to everyone; Google will bring me customers.  No - everyone would have a successful website if that was the case.  Successful websites do not happen by magic, they take effort.

You need to have realistic expectations - you are never going to be one of the first results for dentists or colgate toothpaste in search, EVER.  You are competing with huge comapnies, established many years ago with huge resources spending 25, 50 100k per week or month.  How can you compete with Amazon or Tesco or Chemist Direct type players?  You can't.  What you can do is compete and make money in other areas.  We can help with that.

SEO (search engine optinmisation) is often bandied around as some kind of dark art, and it may be for some of the major player, however, Google regularly changes the way it's search works and the algorithms it uses.  Once you have a website you will have seo companies contacting you offering to get you high up in serach for a fee but there is nothing they will do that you can't do yourself for free with a little efort and we will help you with that.

We will work with you to ensure your website is successful, tell you what to do to help with seo, how to get your customers using your website, registered, ecommerce sales, Google regularly crawls you, marketing to customers etc. etc.  If you follow our advice we have already demonstrated to other clients you will at the very least make more money than your website costs you in the first year while you are building your customer base.