About Us

A unique approach

The Dentist Centre website platform levels the playing field and gives you a website that is impressive and powerful enough to compete with the UK’s largest / best resourced dental practices, without needing any of the resources, investment and hard work that this would normally involve.

The Dentist Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of MedicineChest Ltd- a dynamic media company providing online solutions and health information, based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. We are the leading provider of pharmacy websites in the UK with over 1500 independent pharmacies alresdy using our platform successfully and are offering a similar approach to dentists. We have a thorough understanding of the needs and challenges facing independent health providers built up over 15 years. All the technology has been developed by ourselves in close collaboration with health professionals and custom built to their specifications. We are confident our offering surpasses anything available elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.








MedicineChest began providing health information in doctors’ surgeries in 2001. The information was written in easy to understand terms to help promote the role of pharmacy and self treatment at every appropriate opportunity. We developed a relationship with pharmacy from this as it became clear we were offering information valuable to pharmacy customers.

From offering health information in printed format we began to provide it on-line in a “white label” form and quickly established clients such as leading national newspapers and stores. The information provided two main benefits –customers spent more time on this area of the client’s website and the content drove better conversions from visitors to sales.

We identified that pharmacy was poorly served on-line with an affordable service that offered real value to pharmacists and began to develop a platform for independents. This has evolved significantly with a great deal of input from pharmacists and those using the platform along the way.

We have been approached by other health industry professionals to provide a similar website / online solution for them and are rolling our service out to meet this demand.