Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support Service

This comes comes with our both our Professional packages and will ensure you get the most out of your website and in all likelihood save you money each year if you follow our advice.

The fully supported service includes all changes, updates, additional pages or sections and advice and help regarding your website.  Support is available by phone/email/ticket help desk and covers training if you would like to manage your website internally.  This also covers ad hoc staff call ins if they are stuck with anything, customer support relating to the site, any content work, changing the design template etc, advice on how to rank higher in google without paying thousands to another company to do what you can do yourself, uploading customer lists for marketing, creating marketing emails with whatever content you send us etc. This ensures you can focus on your business while we provide all the support you need. You can ask us to make any changes or additions you like via our online help desk support system, email or you can book a telephone support call so you can be absolutely certain of the right result.


Dedicated support includes :

  • Personalising your website and making any content changes at any time
  • Explaining how all the functions and programmes work and ensuring they are optimized to your requirements
  • Uploading existing customers into health wallet
  • Uploading any promotions
  • Helping you to send marketing and advice emails to customers
  • Uploading in-store offers
  • Bloging
  • Adding dentist news stories
  • And much more

**The Dedicated Support Package is subject to our fair use policy. Essentially this to ensure that no one member is monopolising our support resources so if you are on the phone to us all the time or generating many hours of support requests every month we reserve the right to charge you extra Click here to see the Fair Use Policy.