SEO Service

Search Optimisation

  • Bring more visitors to your site by improving your search engine rankings
  • Drive more walk-in customers using local and mobile search techniques
  • Track visitors and customers on your website with full analytics

Did you know that Google alone uses 204 measurements to work out what people are actually searching for and for ranking websites? These range from the location of the person, through to what you say on your site about what you do or sell.

As part of the support service you receive, we already provide some advice on improving your website's search visibility on Google & other search engines for local searches. If you follow our advice it's possible, with some time and energy, to do this yourself. Currently, your only other alternative has been to employ an agency. If you look around for quotes, they will blind you with science and you will struggle to find anyone offering a basic service for less than £500 per location.

For those of you who do not have the time or staff, or don't want to employ an expensive consultant, we can help.

As part of helping you get more from your Dentist Centre website, we have found an off shore partner to do the non content origination work for £175 as a one off or annually if you want an ongoing review / boost every year. 

Optimisation is not about 'making you appear No.1 on Google', it's about letting people that want to use or buy your services find you.

We'll help to make sure that it's you people see when they search for a dentist or dental service in your area bringing you new customers both online and offline.

Our unique web experience combined with our intimate knowledge of healthcare means that our optimisations are tailored to your business.

By signing up to our optimisation service, you will also be added to the National Dentist Network, a new framework launching next year (stay tuned for more information) that allows its member dentists to take advantage of keyword and local optimisation to outrank other dentists on search engines.

What we'll do:

  • Content, keyword and 'structured data' website optimisation
  • Submission to UK focused search engines with a special focus on Google, Bing and Yahoo! (which account for 88.8%, 5.7% and 4.1% search engine market share respectively)
  • Optimise your Google + page for each location.
  • Create your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster accounts and install on your site.
  • Create a social media presence, which improves your position in search and increases your online footprint
  • Local and map directory submission, allowing people nearby to find you easily
  • A post-SEO report to show you the impact of our work, a month-on.

This service means services and products are geared to being found by targeted customers searching at home, but also will drive people to your dental clinic on the street through mobile and local search engine optimisation. Your website will be targeted at and submitted to all UK focused search engines, as well more than 50 other key local and national directories.

We constantly update our knowledge, using the latest techniques in the industry. SEO is not a 'black box' or ‘dark art’, it’s about doing things right. Our team has over 10 years of search marketing experience including an award winning former Google Europe staffer member who specialised in optimisation and analytics. This, combined with our intimate knowledge of Healthcare, means that our optimisations are tailored to your business.