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Welcome to our blog.  We design dental websites.  We provide websites for dentists, of course, however we offer so much more - a website that has all the functionality a dentist needs to be successful online.  But we fully understand that it is horses for courses.  If you want your website to be highly successful we’ll help you all the way!  If you can’t be bothered and just want a website where people can find out information like opening times or because ‘you suppose you should have one now as everyone else does’ we’re with you too.

We’re cheap – there’s no one cheaper!  You get what you pay for, right?  Not always, we are certainly an example of that – a dentist website with all the functionality of a high street chain for £300!  Why?  How? What’s the catch?  How do we make money?

We take a different approach.  We see the law of diminishing returns creeping across the sector and believe the way to survive and become stronger is by uniting and embracing the future.  Of course we hope to make some money one day, we are not philanthropists yet, however, we’re passionate about what we do and honest about how we do it.

We will share our experiences and opinions, we have lots!  For example, ecommerce.  There is a huge amount of money being lost at the moment and a lack of understanding of how online shopping really works.  Online selling is pretty much about price – if you aren’t competing with the usual suspects – Supermarkets, Amazon, Chemist Direct, etc. who are spending millions on marketing you will not sell very much.  It is a big investment and risky, we offer a white label solution which reduces the risk and gives you a chance to offer an alternative.

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