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The Dentist Centre Blog

  • New service for physiotherapists, osteopaths and other healthcare professionals.

    Following requests we have launched a new service for physiotherapists. We already provide a similar service to 2000 pharmacists which you can see here:          ....

  • The TOTAL online solution for dentists

    Delighted to confirm we are now live and offering our dentist website service.  

    Following so many pharmacists either asking if we can provide a website for a related dental business ....

  • De-Mystifying Search

    I get asked alot, "why am i not coming up in google." If you speak....

  • New Dentist Website Platform launching.........

    We have been busy behind the scenes for the last 9 months working on a new platform.  It has been built from scratch and designed using all our experience gained form the last 5 years of providing websi....

  • Are you putting off getting a proper pharmacy website designed?

    It’s the beginning of the year and traditionally a time when businesses consider their plans and aims for the year ahead.  Part of that process may (or should) include getting a proper dental ....

  • dentist website demo - no obligation and informative

    We have found the best way to see what our websites can do and how they may help a dental practice business is to have an online demo so we are increasingly doing this and the reaction has been great. &....

  • Don't assume your customers are too old to be online or use a dental website

    We have been surprised, very surprised.  Have spoken to some dentists who say 'my customers are too old to be online and certainly won't use a website'!

    Well we have never acc....

  • Dental website design

    There are certain basic principles of website design that need to be considered so a good place to start is with a design template.  You can, of course, have a bespoke design if you req....

  • so how do I make my website successful?

    how do I make my website successful? 

    well where to start?  Let's take a topic at a time.  Suppose the first thing to state is it won't happen by magic, there are things you ....

  • The first question to ask yourself

    What do I want a website for?

    Whether you have one of not.

    Do you want a website to improve your business?, help you run it and become more efficient?  Make some money too?  pro....


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