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The first question to ask yourself

What do I want a website for?

Whether you have one of not.

Do you want a website to improve your business?, help you run it and become more efficient?  Make some money too?  protect and expand your customer base?


Just a website so customers can find basic information like opening hours or where you are?  Both are perfectly fine but the decision has to be made as to what you want your website for and work backwards from that.

An impressive, professional, nice-looking site we can do – and it’s only £300 per year, and that’s it! nothing else to pay!  It includes health advice, ecommerce and all your services but don’t expect much.


Because a successful website doesn’t happen by magic.  Otherwise everyone would be doing it.  Well, in fact, a lot of people are, but they are finding it difficult to make it commercially viable and many have lost a great deal of money.

A successful website takes effort.  And you need to be realistic.  What do you expect?  There are established companies already spending millions a year and with a business model based on losing millions a year to begin with.  Want to be first page of Google for a ‘dentist or whitening’ search?  It’s not going to happen, despite what a plethora of ‘SEO’ companies will promise when they call you.  Pretty much misleading to a man or woman, or they will charge for things you can do yourself for free!

You can have a successful website that greatly improves your pharmacy business without spending much money but it will take some work.  We can help you achieve some demonstrable results if you understand and accept what’s required.