Fair Use Policy

Our fair usage policy is designed to make sure that your dedicated support service is quick and reliable whenever you use it.

A minority of customers may be tempted to use the support excessively or unnecessarily over a long period of time. This activity can cause a large amount of work and can have a dramatic effect on the service the majority of our customers can receive.

We dislike anything that may potentially effect the service we provide to our customers, therefore we have implemented the following policy:

The Dentist Centre’s dedicated support package is designed to offer you the freedom to request The Dentist Centre to carry out all changes and maintenance to your website/s without worrying about the cost. The Dentist Centre defines dedicated support as general maintenance, updates, changes plus standard administrative duties of up to 3 hours per month (equivalent £90). If you exceed this number of hours in one month - up to a maximum of 5 hours - we will accept and carry out the work as a gesture of goodwill. If you exceed 3 hours twice within any 6 month period additional work over this 3 hour inclusive period may incur a service fee of £35GBP/hour labour rate, billed in half-hour increments with half-hour minimum charge. If you exceed 6 hours in any one month we reserve the right to cancel your dedicated support package in writing and / or negotiate a new agreement.

The Dentist Centre will make all reasonable efforts to satisfy the customer's requests for work to the customer's website. Certain tasks, such as repairing faults caused by the customer, or installing certain additional software packages, may, at the sole discretion of The Dentist Centre, incur a service fee based on a £35GBP/hour labour rate, billed in half-hour increments with a half-hour minimum charge.